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MySQL Question

Does it make sense to handle MySQL query fields as an array?

I have a php object method that load object "A" with the following MySQL query:


I have another php object named B that uses MySQL fields from object A:


To prevent code repetition, would it be considered a good practice to create an array (or an object) that stores the MySQL fields names of Object A so that this array can be used in object A and object B, like this:

Object A MySQL loading:

SELECT '.implode(',', $mysql_a_fields).' '...

Object B MySQL loading:

SELECT '.implode(',', $mysql_a_fields).',,

Or would it be code smell?

The goal is to to prevent repeating some SQL fields along queries that use those SQL fields. For example, if there is a mysql date field for object A that I want to get formatted the same way in all the requests I use this date field, is there any design pattern to prevent repeating DATE_FORMAT(date_field) in all the request?

Thank you

Seb Seb
Answer Source

About that array of field names. I would not do it. If you need to write all your selects this way, than write them. I do not know enough about your class/project structure to say if this makes sense.

To help you with your date formatting problem (well, it's not really a problem, isn't it), I think you have two options: 1. Get the date field from the database as is and convert it in PHP. (Use a helper class that is accessible from everywhere to do this.) 2. Create a stored procedure that converts the format for you and use this in your SELECT queries.

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