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How to validate phone number in laravel 5.2?

I want to validate user input phone number where number should be exactly 11 and started with 01 and value field should be number only. How do I do it using Laravel validation?

Here is my controller:

public function saveUser(Request $request){
'name' => 'required|max:120',
'email' => 'required|email|unique:users',
'phone' => 'required|min:11|numeric',

$user = new User();
$user->name= $request->Input(['name']);
$user->email= $request->Input(['email']);
$user->phone= $request->Input(['phone']);
$user->date = date('Y-m-d');
$user->completed_status = '0';
return redirect('success');


Answer Source

One possible solution would to use regex.

'phone' => 'required|regex:/(01)[0-9]{9}/'

This will check the input starts with 01 and is followed by 9 numbers. By using regex you don't need the numeric or size validation rules.

If you want to reuse this validation method else where, it would be a good idea to create your own validation rule for validating phone numbers.

In your AppServiceProvider's boot method:

Validator::extend('phone_number', function($attribute, $value, $parameters
    return substr($value, 0, 2) == '01';

This will allow you to use the phone_number validation rule anywhere in your application, so your form validation could be:

'phone' => 'required|numeric|phone_number|size:11'

In your validator extension you could also check if the $value is numeric and 11 characters long.

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