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Java Question

Converting result of Math.sin(x) into a result for degrees in java

I would like to convert the

, where
in radians to a result which will give me as
in degrees not radians.

I have used the normal method and java built in method of conversion between degrees and radians, but any argument I pass to the
method is being treated as radians, thereby causing my conversion to be a futile effort.

I want the output of a sin Input to be given as if the input is treated in degrees not radians like the
method does.

Answer Source

Java's Math library gives you methods to convert between degrees and radians: toRadians and toDegrees:

public class examples
    public static void main(String[] args)
         System.out.println( Math.toRadians( 180 ) ) ;
         System.out.println( Math.toDegrees( Math.PI ) ) ;

If your input is in degrees, you need to convert the number going in to sin to radians:

double angle = 90 ;
double result  = Math.sin( Math.toRadians( angle ) ) ;
System.out.println( result ) ;
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