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PHP DOMDocument replace DOMElement child with HTML string

Using PHP I'm attempting to take an HTML string passed from a WYSIWYG editor and replace the children of an element inside of a preloaded HTML document with the new HTML.

So far I'm loading the document identifying the element I want to change by ID but the process to convert an HTML to something that can be placed inside a DOMElement is eluding me.


$doc = new DOMDocument();

$element = $doc->getElementById($item_id);
//Remove the old children from the element

//Need to build the new children from $html_string and append to $element

Answer Source

If the HTML string can be parsed as XML, you can do this (after clearing the element of all child nodes):

$fragment = $doc->createDocumentFragment();

If $html_string cannot be parsed as XML, it will fail. If it does, you’ll have to use loadHTML(), which is less strict — but it will add elements around the fragment which you will have to strip.

Unlike PHP, Javascript has the innerHTML property which allows you to do this very easily. I needed something like it for a project so I extended PHP’s DOMElement to include Javascript-like innerHTML access.

With it you can access the innerHTML property and change it just as you would in Javascript:

echo $element->innerHTML;
$elem->innerHTML = '<a href="">example</a>';


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