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Initialcontext in a standalone Java program

I'm using a JNDI for creating tomcat connection pool. It works great in a web application. I believe the InitialContext is provided by the tomcat server.

Context initContext = new InitialContext();
Context envContext = (Context)initContext.lookup("java:/comp/env");
dataSource = (DataSource)envContext.lookup("jdbc/testdb");

But when I try to call the same utility from a standalone Java program, the initContext object is null. How can I explicitly provide all the necessary properties that Context object is expecting.

Error : javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Need to specify class
name in environment or system property, or as an applet parameter, or
in an application resource file: java.naming.factory.initial

Answer Source

You could also create your own custom context.

LocalContext ctx = LocalContextFactory.createLocalContext();
ctx.addDataSource("jdbc/testdb", driverName, url, usr, pwd);

See Running Beans Locally that use Application Server Data Sources for more details.


You can use the class org.springframework.mock.jndi.SimpleNamingContextBuilder of Spring. e.g.:

  • Setup:

    SimpleNamingContextBuilder builder = new SimpleNamingContextBuilder();
    builder.bind("jdbc/Oracle", ods);
  • Use:

    DataSource ds = InitialContext.doLookup("jdbc/Oracle");
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