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making an abstract callback method in php and passing arbitrary number of parameters

I had if/else foreach repeating in several methods, so I've decided to abstract it out, but got stuck because of convoluted logic.

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method looks like this:

private function each_cpt( $callback ) {

//if ( isset( $cpts ) ) {
//foreach ( $cpts as $cpt ) {
//if ( $cpt['post_type'] == $post_type ) {
return $callback( $cpt );


Problem is that sometimes I want to pass additional data from caller to callback. e.g.

* @since 1.0.0
public function vehicle_post_type_link_id( $url, $post ) {

$this->each_cpt( function( $cpt ){
return home_url( $cpt['slug'] . '/' . $post->ID . '/' );
} );

return $url;


Notice I need
inside callback. But this is arbitrary, some other methods won't need
. So how do I make a proper abstract method that deals with my situation?

Answer Source

You can use PHP use syntax to bind a variable with the closure. The use keyword will make $post available to the function.

function ($cpt) use ($post) {
   return home_url(

Note that the $this is automatically binded to the closure starting from PHP 5.4. So if $post was a member variable of the class, it can be used using $this as $this is implicitly bounded to the closure.

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