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How to make grid menu in android

I need to make my app very nice and animated while I am still not know so much in android and the following picture inside the link is the main activity in my new app: Main Activity
The action bar contains the necessary actions for my app and I replaced the logo with icon picture inside the pink circle.
What I want to do is to let this icon clickable and I need to configure a menu in a new manner when I click it like the following google menu: Grid Menu
I want to make this menu in which to be not popup menu, but to refresh a part of the activity with the options of the menu for the indicated area in this picture : The Place of The Placed Options

Could you help me to start this correctly and provide me by guidance or source code for a menu in which I can configure it to be as I aim to do . . .
Any topic for this or any tutorial ?

Answer Source

You can use PopupWindow, it has a method

showAsDropDown(View anchor)

Display the content view in a popup window anchored to the bottom-left corner of the anchor view. You can custom overlay layout as you want. Check link below at part PopupWindow

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