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C# Question

What does "=>" mean?

Forgive me if this screams newbie but what does

mean in C#? I was at a presentation last week and this operator (I think) was used in the context of ORM. I wasn't really paying attention to the specifics of syntax until I went back to my notes.

Answer Source

In C# the lambda operator is written "=>" (usually pronounced "goes to" when read aloud). It means that the arguments on the left are passed into the code block (lambda function / anonymous delegate) on the right.

So if you have a Func or Action (or any of their cousins with more type parameters) then you can assign a lambda expression to them rather than needing to instantiate a delegate or have a separate method for the deferred processing:

//creates a Func that can be called later
Func<int,bool> f = i => i <= 10;
//calls the function with 12 substituted as the parameter
bool ret = f(12);
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