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How do you find the namespace/module name programmatically in Ruby on Rails?

How do I find the name of the namespace or module 'Foo' in the filter below?

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
def get_module_name
@module_name = ???

class Foo::BarController < ApplicationController
before_filter :get_module_name

Answer Source

None of these solutions consider a constant with multiple parent modules. For instance:


As of Rails 3.2.x you can simply:

"A::B::C".deconstantize #=> "A::B"

As of Rails 3.1.x you can:

constant_name = "A::B::C"
constant_name.gsub( "::#{constant_name.demodulize}", '' )

This is because #demodulize is the opposite of #deconstantize:

"A::B::C".demodulize #=> "C"

If you really need to do this manually, try this:

constant_name = "A::B::C"
constant_name.split( '::' )[0,constant_name.split( '::' ).length-1]
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