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Python Question

Missing dll Error Whle installing Python 2.7

I am trying to install python(epd_free-7.3-2-win-x86) on my PC (windows 7 - 32bit) but not able to do so. it shows error which says a DLL is missing. searched every where but could not found. i have attached an image of error message dialog.

enter image description here

I also tried different python installers but they show same error. I even tried installation after updating my windows but nothing worked. Please tell me what to do??

Answer Source

Was facing the same problem in windows 8 - 64 bit .. try doing this..

Go to C:/Users//AppData/Local . right click on the folder "Temp". Go to Properties. Go to Security Tab. Click on "Everyone" and "Edit" the permission to "full control"-> allow. Click apply.

try running the installer again. YOu should be good to go.

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