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Maven "shaded" JAR is prefixed with "original" in the file name

I'm using the "shade" Maven2 plugin to build a monolithic JAR with all Java dependencies bundled together. The relevant section in

is pretty straightforward:

<transformer implementation="org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.ManifestResourceTransformer">

However, the build results are odd. It seems that TWO files are actually created by this Maven plugin:

myartifact-1.0.0-SHADED.jar (zero bytes)
original-myartifact-1.0.0-SHADED.jar (10 MB)

The JAR file with prefix "original" is properly built, and functions just fine. I suppose I could just rename it to strip off that prefix, and go on my merry way.

However, I very curious as to what may be going on here with the "shade" plugin. It looks like the "original" file is temporary working space type thing, intended to be renamed at the end of the process, and that final renaming simply doesn't complete. There's no obvious explanation for that, though (i.e. filesystem permissions, etc). Has anyone ever seen this before?

Answer Source

Maven's build steps will create the jar target/artifact-version.jar.

Then the shade plugin runs. It normally renames that jar to target/original-artifact-version.jar, and gives the shaded JAR the name target/artifact-version.jar.

However, you're configuring the Shade plugin to use a different name. Unless there's a good reason for that, I'd remove <finalName> from your configuration, and live with what the Shade plugin wants to give you.

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