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Xamarin.Forms Bluetooth Label Printing

Currently I have an Xamarin.Forms application and I should add feature for printing. More details, I should connect with Bluetooth to label printer and print there bar code (but I don't think content matters for this post).

Printer that I am using is RPP320.

Can anybody suggest framework with which I can proceed? Would be very helpful if you can link any source code or sample open source application.

Thanks in advance!

Edit 1:
What I found is an application RTPrinter, which comes from printer brand producer, but still I am missing any other information.

Edit 2:
I found framework "LinkOS_Xamarin_SDK", I am not sure if it can work for me, but I will try it now.

Answer Source

What I found is a framework Blacksun.XamForms, which works great for my case. Easy API and it's open source.

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