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Javascript Question

Working code brings error addEventListener is not a function

I use this code:

for (el in document.getElementsByClassName("close-sidenav"))
document.getElementsByClassName("close-sidenav")[el].addEventListener("click", closeSidenav);

and it works perfectly, it adds click event on elements, but Chrome keeps telling me this:

Uncaught TypeError: document.getElementsByClassName(...)[el].addEventListener is not a function(…)

How do I prevent Chrome from giving me an error on working code?


document.getElementsByClassName() returns an HTMLCollection object.

That object has numeric properties, but also has other properties that will be included in a for/in enumeration.

So, don't use for/in with the HTMLCollection returned by document.getElementsByClassName() because it will return other properties of that data structure that are not the elements you want.

Instead, use a regular for loop.

var list = document.getElementsByClassName("close-sidenav");
for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
    list[i].addEventListener("click", closeSidenav);

See this other answer foreach loop for HTMLCollection elements for many more details including cool ways to do this iteration in ES6 using Array.from() or ways to use for/of loops.