Vijay Vijay - 2 years ago 107
SQL Question

concat the output of the subquery?

i have a query which would return values but i need them as a single output separated by commas..

So i tried to concat the output with the comma but it didn't work?

select id from videos where duration=0; /// this would return some rows

I tried concat and concat_ws but didn't work

select concat(select concat(id,',') from videos where duration=0);
select concat((select id from videos where duration=0),',');
select concat_ws(',',(select id from videos where duration=0));

i need the id's of all rows with the comma separtor

for example the output should be 1,4,6,78,565

any ideas?

Answer Source

This is what group_concat does.

select group_concat(id) as video_list
from videos 
where duration=0
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