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Pandoc: multiple footnotes next to one another?

If I want to have two footnotes cited next to one another, separated by a comma, what is the syntax for doing so? The Pandoc documentation doesn't seem to specify how.

As an example of what I'm trying to accomplish:

Some text here [^fn1, ^fn2] ## this clearly isn't the syntax, I've tried this.


Some text here 1, 2.

Answer Source

The syntax for multiple footnotes would be:

Some text here [^fn1][^fn2]

[^fn1]: foo
[^fn2]: bar

However, to separate them by comma in PDF output, you'll have to tell LaTeX to do so by including the following in your pandoc template:


For HTML output, you'd have to to something similar in CSS:

.footnoteRef ~ .footnoteRef :before {
  content: ', '
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