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MySQL Question

cleaner way to install Apache, MySql and PHP on windows

I really say its a very hard time for me when started to install these 3 things on my windows 7 platform. I know there is WAMP available to install at one shot. But I for good understanding I want to install these 3 separately and want to integrate it. Why its so clumsy and difficult for integration? Can anybody please advise me how I can do the following?

  1. Which latest versions of these 3 are best compatible?

  2. After installing Apache what in which mode I should run it? Console application or Server Mode?

  3. In apache whats the difference if I run with CGI or without CGI?

  4. What the things or modules or any changes I have to ensure before going to install the MySql and PHP?

  5. When I installed the MySql it tell me that MySql server is installed. Is the my MySql server is another HTTP server? Is it a replacement for Apache?

  6. After I install the PHP what are the minimum things I should check so that I will be ensured that it will work with Apache after integration.

  7. I found the logfile locations for Apache. But where can I find the logfile locations for PHP and MySql?

May be I am newbie in this domain so I am asking these questions. But it will help anyone who want to start newly. Please advise me...

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Ok, I still dont see why you dont want to just install a package like WAMPP/XAMPP or Zend Server CE (personal favourite atm).

Put it this way:

  1. Generally speaking, all latest versions are compatible, meaning, latest PHP + latest MySQL + latest Apache

  2. Typically server mode, but this really depends on what you want... this is not something for noobs, again rather use a package

  3. Do you want CGI? or not? Read the documentation on

  4. Dont bother, this usually isn't necessary - again use a package

  5. Mysql is a Database Service

  6. Browse to http://localhost/ if it works, then it works. Libraries depend on your personal needs, if you for example need php's MCRYPT library installed, you'll know - install it... if it's already installed, it will work anyway

  7. Google it

I doubt this will help you much...

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