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How to initialize an Application class and store getApplicationContext() in android?

I have declared an Application class inside my app:

public class application extends Application {

String TAG="joshtag";//app.TAG;

public void onCreate() {
Log.e(TAG, "Initializing APP");

protected void initializeSingletons(Context c){
Log.e(TAG, "...preparing to Initialize Singleton");

As you may imagine, I want this class to run as soon as my App launches, with the objective of initializing a Singleton class (this singleton class does not extend any other class and will contain a variable to store getAppContext).
However, the Log messages never trigger inside "onCreate" and "initializeSingleton", and the Singleton is not initialized.
My ultimate goal is to store a global getAppContext variable that I can use inside classes who does not inherit it.
If I am approaching the issue with the wrong mindset, let me know and mention why.

Answer Source

Don't forget to add the reference to your application class in AndroidManifest.xml.

<application ... android:name="com.yourPackageName.application ">
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