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angular hide button if objects object array contains key

Lets say there is an object(game) that has an array with objects(players) and if the player array has a certain value(_id) that equals the current value I want to hide a button(join).

game object:


I know I can hide the button like:

<button ng-hide="playerJoined">Join game</button>

Where playerJoined is a statement that checks if the players is in the array. I have acces to the current player value from the variable currentPlayer that is available from the $rootScope.

How should I check if the currentPlayer exists as a value in the array with players?

Fiddle of example (without the right check).

Answer Source

You can ng-hide on a $scope.inGame() function that checks $ for the given ID. Like so:

P.S. Don't use $rootScope to share data between controllers :P I fixed this as well

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