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Python Question

I want get the sum of integers?

I am a beginner and I wrote this code but how can I make a result as a sum of these integers..

for a in range (b):
if a%2==1:
print a

Answer Source

If you mean the sum of all the numbers a < x < b, then this will do it.

a = 100
b = 200
total = 0

for i in range(a,b+1):
    total += i

print total

In this case it will print 15150.

As per your question, if you want just odd numbers:

for i in range(a, b+1):
    if i % 2 != 0:
        total += 1

I know this isn't a 1 liner approach to the solution, but I wrote it out in this manner so that you could understand it better and more clearly. Also because it looks like you were taking an approach like this, and I wanted you to see how it would be done the way that you were trying to do it.

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