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Preventing narrowing conversion when using std::initializer_list

#include <iostream>

struct X {
X(std::initializer_list<int> list) { std::cout << "list" << std::endl; }
X(float f) { std::cout << "float" << std::endl; }

int main() {
int x { 1.0f };
X a(1); // float (implicit conversion)
X b{1}; // list
X c(1.0f); // float
X d{1.0f}; // list (narrowing conversion) ARG!!!

// warning: narrowing conversion of '1.0e+0f' from 'float' to 'int'
// inside { } [-Wnarrowing]

Is there any other way of removing
from an overload list (i.e., making the non-list ctors more favorable) instead of using the ()-initialization, or at least prohibiting narrowing conversion to happen (apart from turning warning into error)?

I was using compiler which uses GCC 4.8.

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Actually, a program containing a narrowing conversion in a brace list initializer is ill-formed. I am not sure why the compiler just gives you a warning, but it definitely should issue an error here (FWIW, Clang does that).

Also notice, that this is a narrowing (and therefore illegal) conversion as well:

int x { 1.0f }; // ERROR! Narrowing conversion required

Per paragraph 8.5.4/3 of the C++11 Standard:

List-initialization of an object or reference of type T is defined as follows:

— If T is an aggregate, aggregate initialization is performed (8.5.1). [...]

— Otherwise, if the initializer list has no elements [...]

— Otherwise, if T is a specialization of std::initializer_list<E>, [...]

— Otherwise, if T is a class type, constructors are considered. The applicable constructors are enumerated and the best one is chosen through overload resolution (13.3, If a narrowing conversion (see below) is required to convert any of the arguments, the program is ill-formed. [...]

To be more precise, the Standard only says that a "diagnostic" is required in this case, and a warning is a diagnostic, so the compiler's behavior is conforming - but I believe emitting an error would be a better behavior.

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