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OpenSSL support - disabled

I recently decided to give php a try and after a day of painstaking installation i finally managed to install php5.6, apache2.4, composer, mysql and laravel framework.

however, i cant seem to access public folder of laravel project (located in apache24/htdocs folder) from my localhost, it saying:
FatalErrorException in Encrypter.php line 73:
Call to undefined function openssl_encrypt()

one would say, that i need to activate openssl extension and i did so. however, despite having the extension, having extension folder properly defined and having extension name uncommented in php.ini file, phpinfo() tells me, that its disabled and i should install it.

note: during laravel installation i was prompted, that i am missing openssl, after uncommenting it in php.ini it was all fine.

Any help?

Answer Source

Did you try to restart apache so that it can load again the php configuration?

I would suggest after restarting apache to do composer update and composer dump-autoload and see it fixes it

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