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How to update posh-git

I have an old version of posh-git that I want to update (while trying to solve slow powershell start ups)

I've pulls latest from the repo and when I am trying to do

I get

It seems posh-git is already installed...

How do I update posh-git?

Answer Source

All it does is look if the script is being sourced in your profile:

$profileLine = ". '$installDir\profile.example.ps1'"
if(Select-String -Path $PROFILE -Pattern $profileLine -Quiet -SimpleMatch) {
    Write-Host "It seems posh-git is already installed..."

Since it seems to have the installDir as the folder from which you run the install script, merely upgrading the folder with the newer version of posh-git should give have updated the files already.

If you are not comfortable with that, just remove the line that sources the profile.example.ps1 in your profile and run the install again :)

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