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How can I hide the price of a product in Bigcartel?

I have a bigcartel site selling my products however some products I just want displayed as 'portfolio' pieces without a price (and possibly without 'sold out' or 'coming soon' etc).
Is there a way to hide the price for those products?
Could I categorize the products and make every product in a certain category have a different code?

I'm using the 'Luna' theme.
Any help would be great.

Answer Source

Instead of having a ton of conditional statements to check against product names, you may just want to have your portfolio products added to a "Portfolio" category and only hide the price for products in that category.

Add this to the top of Customize Design > Advanced > Product:

{% for category in product.categories %}
  {% if category.name == 'Portfolio' %}
    {% assign hide_price = 1 %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Next, change the line that displays the price to this:

{% if hide_price != 1 %}<h3>{{ product.default_price | money_with_sign }}</h3>{% endif %}

You could also use the same conditional statement above to hide the product status - like sold out, coming soon, etc.

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