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Javascript Question

If true set attribute else set className in JSX

I have a button in my Component, that should be disabled if the item status is accepted, otherwise bootstrap success class should be appended.

The Problem I´m facing here is that disabled is not a className rather than an attribute and bootstrap

btn btn-success
is a className.

If it is just about classNames I have no problems with that like here

className={items.status === 'declined' ? 'danger' : 'success'}>

But this results in an error and I have currently no clue how to do that.

{items.status === 'accepted' ? 'disabled' : 'className=btn btn-success'}

I have also done some research previously, but that didn´t helped me. React.js Disable button

Can someone point me in the right direction here? How can I write a JSX shorthand if-else when
is an attribute and
a className?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

You should set both attributes className and disabled

const isAccepted    = items.status === 'accepted';
const buttonClasses = isAccepted ? '<some class>' : '<another class>'

   className={ buttonClasses }
   disabled={ isAccepted }
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