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clone specific commit bitbucket


I have an project in bitbucket and I want to clone specific commit from it

these are the commits, I want without the last two of them

enter image description here

butin SourceTree I can't see the commits number


just the last number

enter image description here

I think because the last 3 pushed together, what I should do?

Answer Source

yes I want the whole repository except the last 2 commits, I don't need it, so how I can specific that cloning?

The normal way is to:

  • clone everything
  • checkout a new branch (or reset the current branch) to HEAD~2

    git checkout -b newBranch @~2

Other than that:

I have partners in project but we got bug in the last 2 commits

So, with SourceTree:

  • clone the repo (normal clone)
  • select the commit from which you want to work: double-click the commit to check it out, then click 'Branch'.

Once you have created an new branch, work and add new commits, then push your bugfix branch.

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