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What is the Efficient way to get Property file values into set of Strings in Spring

I have tried using

private Set<String> fareAlertwhiteListedHotelIds;

but When white.listed.hotel.ids is empty then also set has one size with blank value.

white.listed.hotel.ids =

Can someone pls help me with a version in which whiteListedHotelIds can contain either values if specified in property file or has no item for blank case.

Answer Source

You can call a custom method (as described in this other answer to build a map, itself inspired by @FedericoPeraltaSchaffner's answer):

private Set<String> fareAlertwhiteListedHotelIds;


public class PropertySplitter {
    public Set<String> toSet(String property) {
        Set<String> set = new HashSet<String>();

        //not sure if you should trim() or not, you decide.
            Collections.addAll(set, property.split(","));

        return set;

In this method, you are free to handle the property as you wish (for instance a particular logic when empty).

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