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How to hide the y-axis and remove ticks from x-axis in angular nvd3

I am using the existing example from angular nvd3 and try to hide the y-axis and remove the ticks from x-axis.So, I have gone through the document and added showYAxis="false" and added ticks: null in x-axis object. But, I am not able to hide the y-axis as well as remove the ticks from x-axis. Kindly, find the below link and let me know my mistake.
For y -axis:

<nvd3 options="options" data="data" showYAxis="false"></nvd3>

For hiding x-axis ticks

xAxis: {
axisLabel: 'X Axis',
ticks: null


Che Che
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You can remove Y-axis using css styles.

.nv-y text {
  display: none;

You can remove the grid lines as,

.tick {
  display: none;


You can remove the class text in the above style to see the effect.

.nv-y {
    display: none;

If you want to display names on the X-Axis for each bar and without grid lines then add line class in the above style as,

.tick line {
      display: none;

Reference: Stackoverflow

Working Plunker

P.S: I have used nvd3 charts but never tried to hide any axis or grid lines. Chart seems to be good without grid lines .. :)

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