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Referencing attributes from within a Chef recipe

I have an attribute file titled

with a key in it
that stores a dir in string format. I wanted to use this for the following command to use when it changes directories:

# Run database migrations
execute 'database migrations' do
user 'ubuntu'
cwd "#{default['current']}"
command 'sudo php artisan down && sudo php artisan migrate --force && sudo php artisan up'

Instead when i ran the recipe i got the following error.

No resource, method, or local variable named `default' for `Chef::Recipe "deploy"'

Is there a proper way to do this that I'm missing? I'd rather not hard code in the working directory.

Answer Source

When attributes are referenced in a recipe, we need to prefix them with node, like this:

cwd     node['current']

See also: Overriding attributes in the recipe

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