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Android Question

When someone suggests a directory location in Android, where am I suppose to look?

I have an Android question:
When someone links to a file directory, where I am suppose to look?

E.g. it is suggested to make some changes in the A2DP Bluetooth profile
in /external/bluetooth/bluedroid/include/bt_target.h.

Android device as a receiver for A2DP profile
Where is this /external/bluetooth/bluedroid/include/bt_target.h. ?

Is it on my device? On the PC?
Is it under the Android program files?

C:\Program Files\Android

or the Android Studio projects file? C:\Users\someUser\AndroidStudioProjects

Help appreciated

// David

Answer Source

"You download the Android OS source code from that site. You make that change in that file. You compile the OS from the modified sources and flash your device with it" – GSerg

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