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How to get HTTP headers before downloading with Ruby's OpenUri

I am currently using OpenURI to download a file in Ruby. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to get the HTTP headers without downloading the full file:

:content_length_proc => lambda {|t|
if t && 0 < t
pbar = ProgressBar.create(:total => t)
:progress_proc => lambda {|s|
pbar.progress = s if pbar
}) {|io|
puts io.size
puts io.meta['content-disposition']

Running the code above shows that it first downloads the full file and only then prints the header I need.

Is there a way to get the headers before the full file is downloaded, so I can cancel the download if the headers are not what I expect them to be?

Answer Source

It seems what I wanted is not possible to archieve using Open::URI, at least not, as I said, without loading the whole file first.

I was able to do what I wanted using Net::HTTP's request_get

Here an example:

http.request_get('/largefile.jpg') {|response|
  if (response['content-length'] < max_length)
    response.read_body do |str|   # read body now
      # save to file

Note that this only works when using a block, doing it like response = http.request_get('/largefile.jpg') the body will already be read.

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