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meteor on armv6l (raspberry pi)

I like the look of meteor, never tried it before, thought it would make a great platform for a web dashboard on my raspberry pi. Tried the recommended installer and got this:

$ curl | /bin/sh
Unable to install Meteor on unsupported architecture: armv6l
Installation failed.

Well, I'm not gonna take that lying down! Am going to try and manually install it, but has anyone tried/failed/succeeded already? Any tips?

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Apparently, there are prebuilt packages for raspi now. Alas, I lost interest long ago - details of prebuilt packages here:

(Thanks to @Archonic - see the comments below - and if you'd like to make that a real answer, I'd be happy to change the accepted answer for this question.)

I'll keep the text below for reference.

(Updating as I go along...)

Note: i'm doing this on the stock debian image, albeit after having installed ruby, passenger and padrino (and all their dependencies). Archlinux may be easier, I don't know.

  1. Install node.js

    Does not work by default, followed instructions here

  2. Checkout meteor

    git clone git://
  3. modify admin/

    Essentially, remove all the instructions regarding building node.js, and all references to a tempdir, so you end up just installing node packages. I will post mine as a gist once it's all figured out...

    Then, run it in an empty folder

  4. install mongodb. From source.

    cd to extracted directory, and install using scons

    sudo apt-get install scons libboost-all-dev
    scons libboost-dev libpcre++-dev xulrunner-1.9.1-dev

(Note: I will be finishing this soon. I think the trick might be to use meteor's bundle functionality - especially the big red box - but unfortunately my pi has crashed and I'm away from home. Please post if you found that worked, and I'll update this answer accordingly or accept your answer)

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