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Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with ReSharper 10 Ultimate -- Cannot be properly resolved

I have Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, version 14.0.24720.00 Update 1 as well as ReSharper 10 Ultimate, version 10.0.2 installed. I have a typescript file that is using AtScript syntax to refer to the Angular2 directive module, as its annotation. However, ReSharper is stating the following error:

Symbol 'Directive' cannot be properly resolved, probably it is located in inaccessible module.

Below is the full error tooltip.

enter image description here

The application compiles and runs as expected, and the angular portions of the application also function as desired. It appears as though this is a ReSharper false negative. Is anyone familiar with a workaround other that simply disabling ReSharper or ignoring the warning?

Answer Source

The issue is simply a bug with the latest version of ReSharper, if you Suspend ReSharper the issue simply goes away and all the source code works as expected.


This has since been addressed in the ReSharper 2016.1 version.

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