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Bash Question

What is the meaning of '-*' as case parameter in a fish shell script?

The official documentation of fish shell has this example.

function mkdir -d "Create a directory and set CWD"
command mkdir $argv
if test $status = 0
switch $argv[(count $argv)]
case '-*'

case '*'
cd $argv[(count $argv)]

I understand
case '*'
is like
in C++ switch statement.

What is the meaning or usage of
case '-*'

Answer Source

It's a glob match.

case '-*' will be executed whenever the switched parameter starts with a "-".

And because only the first matching case will be used, case '*' as the last case is like "default:". If you had it earlier, it would swallow all cases after it.

Also the quotes here are necessary because otherwise fish would expand that glob, which would mean case -* would have all matching filenames in the current directory as parameters, so it would be true if the switched parameter is the name of a file in the current directory that starts with "-".

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