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AngularJS Question

My ng-repeat is not working! AngularJs

## HTML File:##

<html ng-app = "TM">
<h1> Requested Businesses </h1>
<form class="form">
<body ng-controller = "appController">
<table class="col-xs-12">

<h1 ng-repeat= "item in protocolList">

Doesn't display anything in my html view :(

## Angular Controller:##

angular.module('TM', ['AppRoutes']).controller('appController', function($scope, $http,$location){

method: 'GET',
url: '../businessreq',
}).then(function(data) {



The console prints the protocolList Correctly

Answer Source

You can't have a h1 between td elements. Place your ng-repeat in the tr, remove your h1 and it should work.

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