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sql ssrs returning multiple selected @parameter

I have a multi value parameter which is a combined string of two fields with a space separating them i.e productID productName.

I want to pass just the parameter with just the id portion only.

I tried the expression:
=join (left (fields!productID.value,inStr (fields!productID.value," ")-1)),',') or something to that effect (sorry on mobile)

And report builder complained. Can anyone suggest a better way to write a working expression? Thanks in advance.

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There are 2 fields in a parameter:

  1. Value Field: will be passed and processed in back-end
  2. Label Field: will be displayed in front-end

For Example: you can display Monthname like January (Label) but the value that will work in back-end is 1 (Value).

Similarly, assuming you are populating the parameter from Dataset query, following below way can fulfill your need.

enter image description here

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