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Angularjs Normal Links with html5Mode

I am working with angularjs in html 5 mode. Which appears to take control of all href's on the page. But what if I want to have a link to something within the same domain of the app but not actually in the app. An example would be a pdf.

If i do

<a href="/pdfurl">
angular will just try to use the html5mode and use the route provider to determine which view should be loaded. But I actually want the browser to go to that page the normal way.

Is the only way to do this is to make a rule with the route provider and have that redirect to the correct page with window.location?

Answer Source

in HTML5 mode, there are three situations in which the A tag is not rewritten: from the angular docs -

  • Links that contain a target attribute. Example: <a href="/ext/link?a=b" target="_self">link</a>
  • Absolute links that point to a different domain Example: <a href="">link</a>
  • Links starting with '/' that lead to a different base path when base is defined Example: <a href="/not-my-base/link">link</a>

so your case would be 1. add target="_self"

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