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Javascript Question

How can I programatically get control of slick.js carousel?

Normally I get control of carousels (control you ask, means the state where I can use my arrow keys to slide them) via clicking slick.js carousels.

But I'm trying to do this with javascript code, to implement more flexible interface in my project.

Is this carousel control acquisition can be implemented programmatically? I have tried

but it didn't worked.

Any workarounds even not specific to the slick.js are OK, as it seems like it's a problem of delegating
events to the carousel jquery objects.

Answer Source

You were so close with your original solution attempt.

Instead of $('#my-slick-carousel').focus(), you should use $('#my-slick-carousel').find('.slick-list').focus(), because the keyboard event handlers are registered on the .slick-list element, instead of the root carousel element.

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