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Objective-C Question

Find closest longitude and latitude in array from user location

I have an array full of longitudes and latitudes. I have two double variables with my users location. I'd like to test the distance between my user's locations against my array to see which location is the closest. How do I do this?

This will get the distance between 2 location but stuggeling to understand
how I'd test it against an array of locations.

CLLocation *startLocation = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:userlatitude longitude:userlongitude];
CLLocation *endLocation = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:annotation.coordinate.latitude longitude:annotation.coordinate.longitude];
CLLocationDistance distance = [startLocation distanceFromLocation:endLocation];

Answer Source

You just need to iterate through the array checking the distances.

NSArray *locations = //your array of CLLocation objects
CLLocation *currentLocation = //current device Location

CLLocation *closestLocation;
CLLocationDistance smallestDistance = DOUBLE_MAX;

for (CLLocation *location in locations) {
    CLLocationDistance distance = [currentLocation distanceFromLocation:location];

    if (distance < smallestDistance) {
        smallestDistance = distance;
        closestLocation = location;

At the end of the loop you will have the smallest distance and the closest location.

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