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adding subview in a single uitableviewcell

Im facing a problem with adding a UIImageView to a single UITableViewCell. I add the subview like this in the cellForIndexPath delegate method which is ONLY added to the cell if the self.mediaTypeArray contains the string: "Image" at the index: indexPath.row

let cell = self.timelineTableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier( NSStringFromClass(ClassicCaseCell), forIndexPath: indexPath) as? ClassicCaseCell

if self.mediaTypeArray[indexPath.row] == "Image" {

let imageView = UIImageView()
imageView.frame.size = (cell?.evidenceView.frame.size)!
imageView.frame.origin = CGPointZero
imageView.image = img


Which it works great however, I find that every other two cells contains that same imageView even when self.mediaTypeArray[indexPath.row] is NOT equal to "Image" and I don't understand why. I think it may have something to do with reusable tableviewcells but I still don't see why it would do this. Please help!

Answer Source

I'm getting the feeling that this is because of cells being re-used.

A way you can work around this is to override your ClassicCaseCell's prepareForReuse method to remove any image view from its evidenceView.

I would however recommend that you don't add the image view in this fashion (through the delegate's cellForIndexPath method). Instead, your ClassicCaseCell should hold the image view as an instance variable which you can then set in cellForIndexPath. This way, there is only at most one. You can also make sure to set the image view to be nil in prepareForReuse, making sure that it won't appear in the cell if it is not set.

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