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How to approximate job completion times in Hangfire

I have an application that uses hangfire to do long-running jobs for me (I know the time the job takes and it is always roughly the same), and in my UI I want to give an estimate for when a certain job is done. For that I need to query hangfire for the position of the job in the queue and the number of servers working on it.

I know I can get the number of enqueued jobs (in the "DEFAULT" queue) by

public long JobsInQueue() {
var monitor = JobStorage.Current.GetMonitoringApi();
return monitor.EnqueuedCount("DEFAULT");

and the number of servers by

public int HealthyServers() {
var monitor = JobStorage.Current.GetMonitoringApi();
return monitor.Servers().Count(n => (n.Heartbeat != null) && (DateTime.Now - n.Heartbeat.Value).TotalMinutes < 5);

(BTW: I exclude older heartbeats, because if I turn off servers they sometimes linger in the hangfire database. Is there a better way?), but to give a proper estimate I need to know the position of the job in the queue. How do I get that?

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The problem you have is that hangfire is asynchronous, queued, parallel, exhibits an at-least-once durability semantic, and basically non-deterministic.

To know with certainty the order in which an item will finish being processed in such a system is impossible. In fact, if the requirement was to enforce strict ordering, then many of the benefits of hangfire would go away.

There is a very good blog post by @odinserj (the author of hangfire) where he outlines this point: http://odinserj.net/2014/05/10/are-your-methods-ready-to-run-in-background/

However, that said, it's not impossible to come up with a sensible estimation algorithm, but it would have to be one where the order of execution is approximated in some way. As to how you can arrive at such an algorithm I don't know but something like this might work (but probably won't):

Approximate seconds remaining until completion = 
        (average duration of job in seconds * number of jobs on the queue)
        / number of hangfire threads
    - number of seconds already spent in queue 
    + average duration of job in seconds
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