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Strongloop related model returns function, not object

I try to make request to mongoDB:

include: {relation: 'Account'} ,
where: {
and: [{
Coordinate: {
near: alarm.Geopoint,
maxDistance: maxDist.Value,
unit: 'meters'
}, {Time: {gt: fromTime}}]
},function(err, datas){
_.each(geoDatas, function(val){
console.log(val); //line 1
console.log(val.Account); //line 2


Then query is executed, i receive unexpected result:
in line 1 - i can see Account object as the propery of val object
in line 2 - i can see that object:

{ [Function: bound ]
getAsync: [Function: bound ],
update: [Function: bound ],
destroy: [Function: bound ],
create: [Function: bound ],
build: [Function: bound ],
_targetClass: 'Account' }

Why i view function except object?

How i can access object ?

Answer Source

Solved via

let str = JSON.stringify(gData); eval('gData = '+str);

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