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Python Question

round off function in django

I want to round off some values for my numerical calculations in views like-------

5.5 to 5
OR 549 t0 500 and 599 - 600 (the nearest one)

So I want to use round off OR floor function in django as we used in other languages. Is there any functions related to this in django then please suggest me some functions and also the libraries which i have to import to use these functions.


Answer Source

Use decimal in your view:

>>> import decimal
>>> numbers = ['5.5','499','1','0.5']
>>> for i in numbers:
...   the_number = int(decimal.Decimal(i))
...   if the_number / 10:
...      the_number = the_number + 10 - (the_number % 10)
...   print the_number

If you want to format floats, use floatformat as suggested by Daniel, but it won't do the rounding for you.

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