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Python Question

Pandas and apply function to match a string

I have a df column containing various links, some of them containing the string


I want to create a function that - being applied to the column - returns a column containing

I write a function like:

search = 'search'
def page_type(x):
if x.str.contains(search):
return 'Search'
return 'Other'


but it gives me an error like:

AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'str'

I guess I'm missing something when calling the str.contains().

Answer Source

.str applies to the whole Series but here you are dealing with the value inside the Series.

You can either do : df['link'].str.contains(search)
Or like you want : df['link'].apply(lambda x: 'Search' if search in x else 'Other')


More generic way:

def my_filter(x, val, c_1, c_2):
    return c_1 if val in x else  c_2 

df['link'].apply(lambda x: my_filter(x, 'homepage', 'homepage', 'other'))
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