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Java Question

How to identify signatures of a method in Java?

I believe that I am having trouble understanding how to give a signature of a method in Java. For example, if my code was:

public void addOn(Fraction other) {
number = other.denominator * number + other.numerator * denominator;
denominator = denominator * other.denominator;

and I had to give the signature of the method addOn();

Would the signature for this method simply be addOn(Fraction);?

Answer Source

In Java the method signature contains the name of the method and the data type of the arguments only and nothing else.

For eg in the method posted by you above:

public void addOn(Fraction other) {


the signature will be addOn(Fraction ).

This is one of the difference between C++ and java in C++ signature also contains return type but in java return type is not part of method signature. So in case of C++ method signature of above method will be void addOn(Fraction);

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