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AngularJS Question

How to set vibration for local notification using ionic & cordova?

Could anyone tell how to set vibration in local notification for every notification i want to get vibrate in my mobile.

Local Notification Sample Code:

id : remId,
title : name.innerHTML,
text : note.value,
at : alertDate

Vibrate Code:


Please help me.. if is it possible, please give me a good solution for me.

Thank You!

Answer Source

Use the vibration plugin: cordova-plugin-vibration

Adding vibration is as simple as:


Coupled with a notification, you can do something like this:


        id: "12345",
        message: "Test",
        title: "Test",
        autoCancel: false,
        sound: null,
        date: new Date(),

    }).then(function () {

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