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How to filter parameters in rails?

Rails has built in log filtering so you don't log passwords and credit cards. Works great for that but when you want to trigger a custom log (like to email) and send your own params or other data along with it, the parameters are obviously not auto-filtered. I have been digging and trying to find this in the rails source but have had no luck so far.

I have configured rails to filter parameters as follows and it works properly for keeping the data out of rails logs:

config.filter_parameters += [:password, :password_confirmation, :credit_card]

How would you filter sensitive data from the params hash before dumping it into an email, api call or custom (non-rails) log?

Answer Source

You can always use the except method:

params.except(:password, :password_confirmation, :credit_card)

That will exclude them from the listing. To "filter" them you could try this approach.

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