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C# Question

How to get localized display name for the windows store apps

I am parsing AppxManifest.xml and getting the display name. That contains something like

ms-resource:ApplicationTitleWithBranding, ms-resource:AppTitleWithBranding,


When I use SHLoadIndirectString function with this display name (in the format of @{PRIFilepath?resource} ), I don't get the localized display name. It returns nothing.

But I get proper response for some apps which contain display name something like ms-resource:///Resources/AppStoreName.

Is there any workaround to get the localized display names ?

I need this to work on both windows8.1 and windows10. It is a desktop app.

Answer Source

I just passed 'ms-resource:AppTitleWithBranding' to the function along with the pri file location. That's why I did not get the localized names.

We should not send resource in this format : ms-resource:AppTitleWithBranding. Modify this thing in the below format.

Resource should be in the format:

If AppxManifest.xml already contains in the above format, then just pass as it is.

And the final format should be @{PRIFilepath?resource}

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