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SQL Question

How to execute an IN lookup in SQL using Golang?

What does Go want for the second param in this SQL query.
I am trying to use the

lookup in postgres.

stmt, err := db.Prepare("SELECT * FROM awesome_table WHERE id= $1 AND other_field IN $2")
rows, err := stmt.Query(10, ???)

What I really want:

SELECT * FROM awesome_table WHERE id=10 AND other_field IN (this, that);

Answer Source

Query just takes varargs to replace the params in your sql so, in your example, you would just do

rows, err := stmt.Query(10)

say, this and that of your second example were dynamic, then you'd do

stmt, err := db.Prepare("SELECT * FROM awesome_table WHERE id=$1 AND other_field IN ($2, $3)")
rows, err := stmt.Query(10,"this","that")

If you have variable args for the "IN" part, you can do (play)

package main

import "fmt"
import "strings"

func main() {
    stuff := []interface{}{"this", "that", "otherthing"}
    sql := "select * from foo where id=? and name in (?" + strings.Repeat(",?", len(stuff)-1) + ")"
    fmt.Println("SQL:", sql)
    args := []interface{}{10}
    args = append(args, stuff...)
    // This also works, but I think it's harder for folks to read

func fakeExec(args ...interface{}) {
    fmt.Println("Got:", args)
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