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Android Question

Using Application context everywhere?

In an Android app, is there anything wrong with the following approach:

public class MyApp extends android.app.Application {

private static MyApp instance;

public MyApp() {
instance = this;

public static Context getContext() {
return instance;


and pass it everywhere (e.g. SQLiteOpenHelper) where context is required (and not leaking of course)?

Answer Source

There are a couple of potential problems with this approach, though in a lot of circumstances (such as your example) it will work well.

In particular you should be careful when dealing with anything that deals with the GUI that requires a Context. For example, if you pass the application Context into the LayoutInflater you will get an Exception. Generally speaking, your approach is excellent: it's good practice to use an Activity's Context within that Activity, and the Application Context when passing a context beyond the scope of an Activity to avoid memory leaks.

Also, as an alternative to your pattern you can use the shortcut of calling getApplicationContext() on a Context object (such as an Activity) to get the Application Context.

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