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Ruby Object and Module

I'm confused about these two class when I was reading Module document.
First of all, I saw there is a way to set the named constant to the given object.

Object.const_set("FOO", 40)

But I check ruby doc, there is no
in Object method, then I found out it was defined in Module.

I thought
is the default root of all Ruby objects. Why it can use module method? I am confused about the relationship between those.


As shown below :const_set is an instance method stored in Module:

Module.instance_methods(false).include? :const_set #=> true

Also note that Object is an instance of Class:

Object.instance_of? Class #=> true

And Class is a subclass of Module:

Class.ancestors #=> [Class, Module, Object, Kernel, BasicObject]

All of this means that instance methods defined within Module are available to Class objects via inheritance. So any instance of Class (such as Object) has at its disposal all the instance methods (including :const_set) stored in Module.